Robin Roberts honored with Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs


Last night Robin Roberts received the Arthur Ashe ESPY award for COURAGE.

Full of Beauty, Grace, and Courage she imparted into each of us that,
When Fear Knocks Let Faith Answer the Door“.


We Love and Thank You for being a demonstration of Courage in Motion!!!!


“Your Best You”

Your Best You

By Chi Chi Okezie, Copyright 2010.

As we embark on a new year and a new decade, this is a grand opportunity to truly become the elite women of today!  A new year can spark a new direction in all of our lives.  It can also ignite a new freshness, a new state of mind, a new lifestyle and a new beginning!  I am forever inspired and encouraged by my fitness coach, Frank Wall, who stated, “You create possibilities.  You are not bound by rules.”

What possibilities will you create as you enter this new and exciting year?  What opportunities are you going to seize?  What challenges are you going to face and conquer?  What solutions are you going to create for yourself and others?  How will you impact your community or surroundings for the greater good?  These are just a few questions that you should reflect on throughout the new year.

I am always intrigued by that common, simple phrase, “Be realistic.”  I can think about many of the successful and powerful people in the present and past who went above and beyond to achieve greatness.  Whether it was discovering cures for diseases, developing clever inventions or breaking barriers in the social/political realms, these people had the courage and passion to do things that were far past realistic.  In this new year, do not settle for being realistic.  Instead, do not be bound by rules but create possibilities for yourself and put on: Your Best You!

Chi Chi Okezie, SIMPLEnetworking, LLC,

Frank Wall, FrankWallFitness,

Persistence v/s Procrastination

Persistence v/s Procrastination                        
by Deshon Underwood 

Are you a person who defers taking action? Does your momentum fade shortly after you start a project? Do you consistently hit the snooze button once or twice before actually getting out of bed? These are just a few signs of procrastination. Napoleon Hill says procrastination is the bad habit of putting off until the day after tomorrow what should have been done the day before yesterday. People procrastinate for many reasons, some include fear of failure or success, confusion about what to do or making a decision, lack of motivation or desire and more often than we care to admit – laziness. Truth be told, procrastination is often the reason people have not accomplished their goals, realized their dreams or even died not having lived, as my pastor often says.

We must take some action, even if things do not turn out the way you anticipated. To quote an old saying, “One failure is better than zero tries”. Thomas Edison failed thousands of times over the course of a year and a half before perfecting the light bulb. Now that’s what you call persistence, which is the exact opposite of procrastination. Persistence says you never quit; procrastination says you never get started! What about Madame CJ Walker, we all know her story. This orphaned daughter of slaves and widowed mother did not allow her circumstances to dissuade her. She went from the cotton fields of the Delta’s to being the most successful self-made female entrepreneur of the twentieth century. |

The two principles that foster productivity and perseverance according to John Rohn are to: Break your tasks down into smaller manageable pieces. Instead of concentrating on the novel, fill the paper with words today. Then we should write things down, focusing on your present experiences. Write down what you do and where you go. At the end of the day, you will have recorded any distractions, detours and time wasters. This will force you to look at what you are actually doing and what you are not doing.

Change your mind! Make the decision to start today, read a motivating book, attend workshops and seminars in your area of interest, research and study people who are where you want to be; finding out what they did to get where they are. Then see yourself  NOW the way you want to be in the near future. In the words of Coach Anna McCoy, are you going to be a doer or a wanderer? Are you going to “getter done” or will you be a person with big dreams and no finishes? Let us not wait for some person or situation to force us to do what we should have already been doing. The start begets motivation, which begets persistence, which begets faith. Now is the time – Make this the first day of your new beginning!

“Get in the Spirit and Dream”

GET In the Spirit and Dream”
Compliments of DeShawn Snow

Sometimes you have to get away to pray in the spirit, worship, truly focus on Him and listen. Then, through the Holy Spirit, we can see and hear God’s desires more clearly. God’s desires become our desires when we are walking closely with Him.

Sometimes, we expect a loud voice to speak directly to us from Heaven. Or perhaps we really are waiting for a vision, a dream, or something. Believe it or not, God will give them to us! When we are in intimacy with God and seeking Him, the desires we begin to feel, and the words we hear, are God given! That is what our father does.

He will begin to whisper and birth desires in our spirit. Sometimes we think we came up with the idea, but it was from Him! And, when He provides the idea, all we have to do is ask! The Bible says you have not because you ask not.

There are many spiritual principals listed all throughout the scriptures, from the Old Testament to New, regarding speaking out loud in faith. If God were to ask you today, “What do you want from me?” what would you tell him?

Remember that God makes the largest; most outrageous things come to pass. When you receive a revelation from Him, you need to write it down, believe through faith what God has told you, and go after it – no matter how outrageous it may seem.

Habakkuk 2:2 says, “Then the LORD answered me and said, ‘Record the vision and inscribe it on talents that the one who read it may run.” Do you see how powerful that instruction is? To write it down then RUN. Part of running is to keep going, even when you face obstacles. Don’t let one, 10 or 100 small things keep you from running after your destiny. God is faithful!

Genesis 18:14 says, “there is nothing too hard for the Lord! When God told Abraham he would have a child with his wife, Sara, he laughed.” Genesis 17:17 says, “Then Abraham fell upon his face, and laughed, and said in his heart, shall a child be born to man who is one hundred years old? And shall Sarah, that is ninety years old, bear a child?” Romans 4:3 says “God credited Abraham’s unwavering faith as righteousness.”

That is the type of God we serve – a God who wants to make the desires and dreams in our hearts come true. We need to dream big! When you become intimate with the Lord, you must remember to:

Listen for His voice.
Act upon His leading.
Don’t let obstacles stop you