Robin Roberts honored with Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs


Last night Robin Roberts received the Arthur Ashe ESPY award for COURAGE.

Full of Beauty, Grace, and Courage she imparted into each of us that,
When Fear Knocks Let Faith Answer the Door“.


We Love and Thank You for being a demonstration of Courage in Motion!!!!


Free Yourself Now!

Free Yourself Now!  
Author, Doreen Carter ~ Financial Consultant

In the parable of the talents, we see three servants being given goods from their Master. The Master leaves and returns. But, while the Master is gone, His expectation is that each servant would create, exchange, and increase what He had given them.

He gave to each of them according to their own supernatural ability. Or, I can put it this way, each of them were born with the knowledge they needed to be wealthy, prosperous, and successful. Each of them would respond to the goods given to them based on what was already in them. What’s in you?

We see the servants who have five and two talents multiplying what they were given. But, the servant with the one talent hid his Lord’s money. He said he was afraid. He did not want to lose what the Master had given him. But, the thing he feared is what happened to him; what he had was taken away.

I want to encourage you and say that you have everything you need to live a prosperous and successful life. I know that the fear you feel is real to you. However, the fear of not pleasing the Master should be more of a motivator for you to cultivate and search out all the knowledge that you need that will cause you to multiply that which you have. Fear of losing what you are given or fear of people will surely cause you to lose what you did not know you had. Fear paralyzes you. I know sometimes when God gives me something or shares some knowledge with me; I will talk myself out of it. I know that it is fear that I am operating in when I do that. That’s why I can tell you that the fear you feel is real. But, it is not reality!

We fear what has happened or what will happen. And that is what keeps us out of now, the present. It is in the present that God speaks and dwells. I am here to proclaim that you have all that you need in you right now to be successful and prosperous. You can free yourself. All you need is the knowledge and the guidance on how to draw out of you what is already in you. You are wealthy. You are rich. You are prosperous NOW!

Think about what you have right now. Think about what you are naturally good at. Think about what you enjoy more than anything. And I will bet you your success that that “thing” is the “thing” that God wants to use to manifest your riches. You must begin to believe in you. You must stand up and fight for yourself. You have a right to be rich. But, you will lose that right if you allow fear to bind you. The opposite of fear is faith. Where is your faith?

Jesus said I am come that you might have life and life more abundantly. Your abundant life and my abundant life may look, smell, and feel different. But, never the less you have in you all you need. Find a coach, a mentor, a book; find somebody who will love you enough to guide you into your personal truth and Be Free.

One of the reasons why I wrote the book, “The Mis-education of the Christian… On Money and Giving is that I love you to much to not share the truth. Jesus said the truth will make you FREE.

Free Yourself! Get the knowledge; walk in the power.

Study Matthew 25:14-31 to learn more about the parables of the talents. And you may purchase a copy of my new book on my website or Author House Publishing and


Doreen Carter is CEO of The Wealth & Wisdom Resource Group (WAWRG), a financial education and wealth building organization dedicated to equipping individuals to create, maintain, and enjoy wealth through strategic plan development. Also, the author of the highly acclaimed book, The Mis-education of the Christian…On Money and Giving and the creator of the innovative cash management software product, Who Mooved My Money?®.   If this message was a blessing to you email me, at