Tamar Braxton says “It’s A Good Time To Be A H..”

As a co-host on the The Real Talk Show, a pilot for FOX, Tamar Braxton has the perfect platform to say almost anything on her mind.com!  On a recent episode of the show, Tamar said ‘it’s a good time to be a hoe’, during a discussion about women who like the ‘hook up.’  She really didn’t have an opportunity to elaborate or explain the comment; maybe there was no need!  Is there ever a good time to be a hoe?!   See the SHOW



Robin Roberts honored with Arthur Ashe Courage Award at the ESPYs


Last night Robin Roberts received the Arthur Ashe ESPY award for COURAGE.

Full of Beauty, Grace, and Courage she imparted into each of us that,
When Fear Knocks Let Faith Answer the Door“.


We Love and Thank You for being a demonstration of Courage in Motion!!!!

Automotive Diversity

For women who make socially conscious purchases, you may want to consider the findings of this automotive survey administered by the Rainbow Push Coalition.

Rainbow Push and The Citizenship Education Fund surveyed the major auto manufacturers with respect to diversity.  The results were fittingly announced on January 15th, Martin Luther King’s birthday, during the North America International Auto Show in Detroit. For the first time, a survey has been developed to record a manufacturers success at building and sustaining ethnic diversity and inclusion.

Go to:  SheAuto for the survey findings.

8 Qualities of Successful Women

We’ve often heard it said in life that it’s not about what you know but who you know, other than God of course. Well, Healthy Black Women has given us 8 ways to achieve the success many of us are seeking.

1. Harmony – When you have a balance between what you think, what you say, and what you do, you will achieve a state of harmony.

2. Balance – This is the result of harmony because there is no disconnect between what you are thinking, what you are saying, and what you are doing.

3. Courage – Everyone needs a little courage now and then. Perhaps it is the courage to speak up about an idea at work that could lead to you being promoted. Sometimes it isn’t just about the action at all but rather how you are thinking or feeling at the moment.

4. Generosity – Give freely and as often as you can. When you give to others with no strings attached and no expectations, you can achieve the harmony and balance mentioned above.

5. Happiness – When we are happy we are more apt to land in a better place. Think happy thoughts.

6. Wisdom – Knowing how to make the right decisions at the right time is very important when you are trying to become successful. Make sure you think about your choices thoroughly before deciding.


7. Cleanliness – A cluttered and messy life will get you nowhere. Organize, not only your home and work space, but your thoughts as well.successful. Make sure you think about your choices thoroughly before deciding.

8. Beauty – It is all in the eye of the beholder. When you think about yourself as being beautiful your confidence is naturally boosted.