You Can Eat Healthy on a Modest Budget

A lot pf people profess how they want to eat healthier, but ‘it’s too expense and they can’t afford it.’  The USDA did a study last year that, they say, tImageakes that excuse off the table. 

Concannon said the study shows that carrots, onions, pinto beans and mashed potatoes are all less expensive per portion than ice cream, sweet rolls, pork chops and ground beef. In fact, protein foods and food high in saturated fat, added sugars and sodium were all more expensive than fruits, vegetables, dairy and grains based on these methods.

“This is great news for all getting by with a limited food budget,” he said. “You don’t have to compromise good nutrition.”

Ines Subashka, certified personal trainer, believes eating healthy is about satisfying your bodies need for energy and nutrients as opposed to your mind or emotions which often leads to eating more.  Some healthy items can be more expensive but you will need smaller amounts, which compensates for the price. Healthier foods satisfy the body longer than processed or unhealthy foods.

Some of the inexpensive healthy foods include:  brown rice, eggs, chickpeas and lentils, bananas, oats, russet and sweet potatoes, canned salmon, canned tuna in water, canned tomatoes, plain yogurt  lean beef, fresh bagged spinach, frozen veges and whole wheat breads or pastas.

Diane Carbonell blogs about her experiences on the journey to lose 150 lbs. She says, “I didn’t value the fruits and vegetables as much as I did the junk.  The junk was fast, available and made me feel good when I ate it.  The fruit was fruit.  Salad was salad.  It had no pizzazz and I gained no emotional comfort from eating healthy food.  I wanted junk and junk I got. I used money to justify my bad choices, when in reality I was spending much more than I needed to buy purchasing foods that weren’t healthy.”

The next you grocery shop, do some comparing and challenge yourself to buy fruits instead of cookies and ice cream. Also make a list with this new mindset and stick to it! Pay attention to the setup of the store. Some suggest that the outer perimeter includes the healthier food choices while the inner isles have the less nutritious stuff… 

To a healthier you…..




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