“Your Best You”

Your Best You

By Chi Chi Okezie, Copyright 2010.

As we embark on a new year and a new decade, this is a grand opportunity to truly become the elite women of today!  A new year can spark a new direction in all of our lives.  It can also ignite a new freshness, a new state of mind, a new lifestyle and a new beginning!  I am forever inspired and encouraged by my fitness coach, Frank Wall, who stated, “You create possibilities.  You are not bound by rules.”

What possibilities will you create as you enter this new and exciting year?  What opportunities are you going to seize?  What challenges are you going to face and conquer?  What solutions are you going to create for yourself and others?  How will you impact your community or surroundings for the greater good?  These are just a few questions that you should reflect on throughout the new year.

I am always intrigued by that common, simple phrase, “Be realistic.”  I can think about many of the successful and powerful people in the present and past who went above and beyond to achieve greatness.  Whether it was discovering cures for diseases, developing clever inventions or breaking barriers in the social/political realms, these people had the courage and passion to do things that were far past realistic.  In this new year, do not settle for being realistic.  Instead, do not be bound by rules but create possibilities for yourself and put on: Your Best You!

Chi Chi Okezie, SIMPLEnetworking, LLC, http://www.snseminars.com

Frank Wall, FrankWallFitness, http://www.mfscentral.blogspot.com


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