Love Shouldn’t Hurt!

October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month – Know that “Love Shouldn’t Hurt

October is  Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

When it comes to abuse we often look for scars, but depending upon the form of abuse there are scars that will never be seen by the naked eye, as abuse comes in many forms.    We are often familiar with the black eyes, broken bones, explainable bruises  . . . . but, what about the scars inflicted by name calling, put-downs, intimidation, stalking, assault, isolation, economic depravity,  and the list goes on.

In addition to abuse coming in various forms, abuse is an equal opportunity robber – No One is Exempt.  Abuse knows no race, color, economic background, job title, religion, culture, age, neighborhood, educational level, zip code, etc.,

You may be asking, What are we saying?


We are saying – “Love Shouldn’t Hurt”!

If you are being abused know that:

1.  You are not alone
2.  It is NOT your fault
3.  People want to help you
4.  There is Help!

Get Help Now:

Domestic Violence Hotline  1.800.799.SAFE

National Resource Center on Domestic Violence

National Online Center for Women Against Domestic Violence

Women’ Law:  Legal Support to victims of Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault


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