Childhood Obesity in America

Childhood Obesity in America     

One in three children in America are overweight or obese.  The numbers are even higher among the African-American and Hispanic populations.  Obesity in children leads to all type of health issues and social discrimination.  The lifestyle of most children today is so much different from those born in the 60’s and 70’s.  Kids are sitting in front of the television playing Wii and other video games all day  instead of  playing outside until the street lights come on.  Were those the good ol’ days or what?  Too often kids are eating burgers and fries for dinner rather than a square meal. 

In his State of the Union Address on Wednesday January 27, 2010, President Obama announced that his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama would be creating a National Initiative to tackle childhood obesity and making kids healthier.  Let’s Move was launched in February 2010 to take on this very challenge through diet and exercise.  

Oftentimes, we as parents do not see the subtle sign of change in our children until it is necessary to take extreme measures.  Doctors agree that an increase of physical activity and intake of healthy foods are the changes necessary to reverse what is now being referred to as a public health crisis affecting our children.  Secretary Sebelius, Sect. of Health and Human Services, says that one out of every ten dollars utilized by the Center for Disease Control is spent on diseases caused by or directly related to obesity.  Children are projected to have shorter life spans than their own parents, if changes aren’t made now.

State leaders around the nation are working hard to meet the challenge of this initiative as well.  Here in Georgia, Commissioner Larry Johnson has declared walking as the official exercise of Dekalb County.  Schools are also jumping on board making lunch menus healthier.  Parents let’s surround our kids with better foods and make sure they exercise more than just their video fingers.


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