Rep. Frederica Wilson tells the GOP “Stop trying to regulate my reproductive organs”

Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson took to the House floor today to support the Affordable Care Act, and to blast her Republican colleagues for what she called attacks on women’s health and programs for the poor.

“It’s my body, not yours,” Wilson said in her floor speech. “I alone bear the burden, pain and joy that it brings. Please stop trying to regulate my reproductive organs. They belong to me.”

“For some reason, you care about a baby right up until the minute it is born into this world,” Wilson continued, “and then you disappear and desert the children you claim to protect and love. Shame on you!”

And in a twist on Republicans’ habit of calling the Affordable Care Act “Obamacare,” Wilson added: “Obama cares, and so should you!”

“There are grandmothers living in trailer parks and public housing single-handedly raising millions of grandchildren,” Wilson said. “Where are you when grandmother is trying to feed Jerome, Shakita, Pedro, Heather and John? The only time I see you is on the floor of the House [of Representatives] trying to to take away Grandma’s Social Security and attacking her Medicare and food stamps.”

                                                                                                       Joy-Ann Reid


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