E-Mealz Mealtime Makeover


What’s for Dinner?
D. Stewart-Adams

Do you ever go grocery shopping only to the  return home with loads of food and wonder, “What’s for Dinner”?

Jane Delaney and Jenny Cochran, sisters who reside in Alabama, have your answer, as well as, a way to Save Time and Money when it comes to grocery shopping and meal planning.

In 2003, Jane and Jenny launched E-Mealz.  E-Mealz is a subscriber service which provides a Seven Day Dinner menu centered around weekly supermarket specials. 

For a small fee of $5.00 per month you will have online access to E-Mealz plans.  The meals plans can be accessed by choosing the specific grocery chain where you shop, the any-store plan, or weight management plan.  In addition to the plan there is a corresponding grocery list.  The grocery list groups items by isle, as well as, notes prices, sales, and specials for each item.  You will find the recipes and meals very frugal and most importantly little prep time.


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