Business Etiquette from SimpleNetworkling LLC

Q. At a formal table setting, which glass is which? A. Your glasses are located on the right side of your plate. The water glass is usually in the front and has a round shape. The champagne glass is slightly taller with a V-slender shape. The red wine glass is the most obvious with a very round shape with a wide opening at the top. The white wine glass is slightly similar to the water glass but a little larger in shape.
Q. What foods can I eat with my hands? A. You can eat bread, fruits, cookies, hors d’oeurves and pastries with your hands. But always keep a napkin handy.
Q. Is it ok to drink alcohol at a business event? A. It depends on the nature of the event and who is attending the event. If you are entertaining guests/clients offer alcohol to them first but do not order before them. If they refuse, then do not order any alcohol for yourself. Also keep in mind cultural norms of drinking habits for different ethnic backgrounds.
Q. Who pays at a business dinner? A. Typically the person/party that initiated the dinner pays. As a guest you have the option of splitting the tab as a courtesy. We recommend that the person/party that is hosting the dinner call the restaurant in advance to make reservations and indicate who is paying for the dinner to eliminate any confusion.

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