SimpleNetworking LLC – Tips on Professional Image

Q. What is the best way to preserve and maintain dress shoes? A. We suggest buying quality leather shoes and placing them in the shoe box/bag or shoe rack after wearing them. Use shoe trees and polish shoes when needed. Also use shoe horns when putting them on.
Q. Can I wear denim to business casual events? A. Sure, events that are appropriate for wearing denim include happy hours, restaurant gatherings or art/cultural shows preferably in the evenings. The denim should be dark for a classier appeal, tailored or slightly relaxed fit with minimal details/embellishments. And pair your denim with nice pumps (for ladies) or clean loafers/lace ups (for guys).
Q. When building a professional wardrobe, what is the one must have item? A. The one must have item for men and women when building a pro. wardrobe is a: white, 100% cotton, long sleeved dress shirt. You can wear this item all year round, inside a suit, under a vest or sweater or by itself. It matches almost any bottom ensemble and any hair color/skin tone complexion. And it is very easy to accessorize!

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